• PlayDotSound: Play Dot Sound is a website dedicated to help you make the best game audio possible. This site is full of insider tips on creating video game sound effects, how to make music for video games, and how to integrate it all into your games. There will also be interviews and articles from video game industry leaders to help inspire both audio professionals and newbies.  Play Dot Sound is the creation of game industry veterans Aaron Brown, Brad Fotsch, and Matt Piersall.
  • Game Audio Podcast: This blog is a very useful source for anyone interested in Game Audio.  The very experienced Damian Kastbauer provides personal insights as well as interviews with top people in the game audio industry.
  • KVRAudio: This website has reviews and user feedback on almost every plug in that exists.  You’ll likely find a new plug in every time you go here.  It also has links to many free plug ins!
  • GearSlutz: Rarely do I meet people more obsessed with audio gear than myself.  This website is FULL of them!  Most of the gear reviews are very accurate and given by pros with lots of expensive gear.  It can be biased, but it is my favorite resource to check out reviews of gear before I purchase it.
  • Gamasutra: Need a job in the games industry?  Gamasutra is a good place to start looking.  You can find independent projects to get experience or you can occasionally find audio jobs at the big companies.
  • Craigslist: Almost half of my gear has been purchased through Craigslist’s music inst section.  It is great because you can meet the people and try out the gear before you buy.  This way you can be sure it works and make sure they person seems like they’ve taken care of the gear.  I’ve gotten some amazing deals on here and recommend you look here before you buy something new!

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