Here is my current list of gear and instruments for those that are curious. I’ll be posting useful tips on most of the things on this list. If you are curious about something on the list post a comment and I’ll tell you what you need to know.


Software: Protools 11, Cubase 5, Ableton Live 9, Basehead, Sony Vegas, Sony Sound Forge, NI Komplete 8, Sound Toys Bundle, Izotope Bundle, Lexicon Reverbs, East West Instrument bundles, Spitfire Albion, Cinesamples Bundles, UVI samples, Waves Gold Bundle, Waves CLA compressors, Cytomic the Glue Compressor, Slate Digital Plugs (all), FabFilter Complete Bundle, D16 Total Bundle, Valhalla Plugins, Metasynth, Kush Plug-Ins, Audio Damage Plug-Ins, Toontrack: Superior Drummer, Arturia Collection, and many more.

Hardware/Instruments: RME Fireface 800, Oculus Rift, Vintech 1272 preamp, Nord Electro 3, Access Virus C, Nord Modular, Roland JP8080, Roland XV88, Arturia Microbrute, MicroKorg, 2X Presonus Eureka (2), Mac and PC audio workstations, Taylor C414 guitar, Ibanez SC1200 electric guitar, Hagstrom Viking Deluxe electric guitar, Fender Fat Strat Guitar, Fender Strat, Epiphone Les Paul Guitar, Pod XT Live, Vox amp, Egnater Rebel 30 amp, Rocktron Banshee Talk Box, Schecter Stiletto Studio Bass, Alvarez Yairi guitar, Cajon, Kalimba, Banjo, Lap Steel, Violin and Ukelele, Knilling Cello.

Microphones: Schoeps CMC4 MK4, Sennheiser MKH50, Slate VMS, SE Gemini, SE 5600A, Rode NT4, Rode NTG3, Shure SM7b, Josephson C42 pair, Cascade Fathead, 3 Shure sm57s, Shure beta 52, EV ND767a, AT 831b. 2 AT 803b’s, Barcus Berry Contact, Cold Gold Contact

Monitoring: Adam A7x, Behritone, ATH-M50, Mackie H824mkII

Location Recording: Sound Devices MixPre, Zoom H6, Sony M10, Rode Blimp rig, Sennheiser blimp rig.

Computers: ADK High End Audio Workstation, Mac G5 Laptop

SFX Libraries: Chuck Russom Full Library, Boom libraries, Custom Libraries, Sonniss Libraries,  SOUND IDEAS 1000, 2000, 3000, 6000, 7000, TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX SFX LIBRARY, THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE – Premiere edition, THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE – Edge edition, many more.

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