Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 4s – Headphone jack fix

On November 24, 2011 by admin

Is this the best iPhone 4s case on the market?

Trying to find a sturdy case to protect your precious new iPhone 4s? Well look no further! The Otterbox Defender Series is your best bet. Is it the perfect case for the iPhone 4s??? Read on to find out…


I wanted the maximum protection for my iPhone at the best cost. After shopping around and researching for a week straight I decided on the Otterbox Defender Series.

Once you put your iPhone 4s inside you KNOW it’s perfectly safe. The first set up takes about 5 minutes. After you figure it out it only takes 30 seconds to disassemble or reassemble.

With previous cases I’ve owned dust, sand, and other things get into the phone through all the openings. This case deals with it in the perfect way: It leaves the microphone, speaker, noise cancellation port, cameras, and flash unaffected while putting an easy to lift rubber cover over the Charger port, headphone port, silence switch, volume buttons, and sleep button. The flash works well with this case so far while many cases are too close and ruin photos with a flash.

It even has a built in protective cover for the screen. It adds minimal bulk, and while it isn’t the smallest amount of bulk, I feel better with an extra 1mm of protection (when compared to most other cases) for my $500 device!!! The iPhone 4s fits in my case perfectly tight and secure.

Now my phone feels like it could get run over by a truck and still work!  The belt clip also works very well as a stand for the iPhone. This comes in handy when I set it on my piano or desk.


 Actually, I have two complaints.  First, the protector makes navigating the phone just a tad more different and difficult at first.  This only seemed to happen at first and now I don’t notice it at all. The second issue is that a few of my audio adapters don’t fit through the case to get to the iPhone. This doesn’t affect any of my normal headsets, but I have some adapters that split the audio out into RCA outputs so I can plug into other audio devices.


A simple fix for the headphone jack opening issue is to take a silver sharpie, mark how much room you need for the adapter to fit, and use a dremel to notch out a bit more space. This took me 5 minutes and now everything fits perfectly.

Defender case with wider headphone output port.

Now the adapters fit and it doesn't affect the look of the case at all!

Even with the minor complaints I’d still give it 4.5 out of 5 stars and consider the best protective case on the market for the iPhone 4s. Would recommend it to anyone except someone wanting a flashy trendy case or someone who docks their phone in a docking device quite a bit.

I bought mine on amazon for only $30.I’d say $30 is worth it to protect a $600 investment! I hope this review helped you make a decision. Please leave comments if you agree or disagree and why. I’d like to hear it. Thanks for stopping by.

Buy the Otterbox Defender for the iPhone 4s on Amazon here.

  • Buckson

    Otterbox Defender Series are a little bulky,but they are real sturdy, hope have a futher promotion.