You know that feeling you get when things have gotten way out...

08th Nov

Studio Monitor A/B test

I recently had to opportunity to work with the very talented sound...

31st Oct

Replacing and Biasing Tubes – Used Egnater Rebel 30 tube combo amp

Tube amp combos have many pros and cons.  It is a pain...

06th Jul
Tube Dampeners attempt.  DID NOT FIX this type of tube rattle.

Digital Microphones

  Digital microphones are far from a new thing.  Neumann has been...

09th Nov
Leslie Ann Jones at the console - A/B analog and digital

XMA VS. VORBIS – Comparing Game Audio Compression Methods

Comparing compression methods of the XBOX 360 and PS3 There is no...

05th Jul

How to break into the professional audio industry – Find and keep your first video game jobs and recording studio jobs.

If you are reading this then you likely aware of how difficult it can be to get your start as a professional audio engineer. Whether you want to work in recording studios or the games industry, breaking in takes more than just talent and dreams. In this post I'll give you a lot of tips on how to get your big break and stay employed once you do.

08th Apr
Advice Headline Image

Songwriting – What makes a song great?

Throughout my life as a musician I’ve always contemplated what it is...

06th Apr
Songwriting – What makes a song great?

Sampling Spaces (Make your own impulses for convolution reverbs) – Part 2

  Before you haul all of your gear out into the world...

04th Apr
Sampling Reverb Units in Cubase 5

Sampling Spaces (Make your own impulses for convolution reverbs) – Part 1

Places with interesting acoustic properties have always been interesting to people around...

28th Mar
iPHone FFT Analysis

Banshee Talk Box – Part 1

Ever since I heard Daft Punk’s “Around The World” I have wanted...

21st Mar
Rocktron Banshee Talk Box