Epic VR – Robo Recall Announcement

Epic VR – Robo Recall Announcement


After months of hard work I can finally talk about the latest VR title I’ve been a part of!

Epic just announced Robo Recall, a virtual reality experience where you can blast and tear apart robots to your hearts content.

It uses the new Oculus touch controllers and I’ve been fortunate enough to design the physics sounds for the game.

So far, I’ve discovered making realistic physics sounds in VR is even more challenging than normal video games. Everything needs to be just right because the VR experience itself is so personal and realistic. I’ve made many trips to thrift shops to buy new objects to bend, shake and break for all the robot mayhem that ensues.

I can’t wait for the full release to the public! It’s been a joy to work with Epic, Tom Bible, and the rest of the audio team on this VR experience 🙂