5D audio in VR – Enhance VR experiences using higher dimensions of sound

5D audio in VR – Enhance VR experiences using higher dimensions of sound

As VR and gaming experiences evolve so do 3D audio tools.

However, VR and location based experiences have brought sonic challenges that aren’t solved simply by applying 3D audio solutions. To craft truly compelling and fully immersive experiences we must explore new dimensions of sound.

What are these dimensions and how do they alter sound in VR?

How can you use the latest neural and auditory system studies to hack the player’s brain and choices?

Prepare to expand your mind by watching this 60 minute presentation that will show how to take your VR and gaming experiences into the next dimension of sound!


5D Audio in VR – Enhance VR experiences using higher dimensions of sound

Click Here to Download my 5D Audio Keynote Presentation In PDF Format- Aaron Brown Sound

This is a video of my presentation at the 2017 Austin Game Conference . I’ve combined the video of the presentation with my edited slides so anyone interested in using audio to create more compelling and immersive VR experiences can watch and learn. I demonstrate my work from Robo Recall (Physics sound), The Mummy: Prodigium Strike (Sound design, implementation, mixing, audio lead), Salt Star VR (Sound design, mixing), and Super Lucky’s Tale (Music, music mixing).

After watching you will know how to use 5D audio techniques to enhance your experience in the following ways:

  1. Drive Player Focus and Choice
  2. Maximize impact of the intended narrative
  3. Improve Your Mixes and Immersion
  4. Use Sidechain Ducking Selectively in game
  5. Use focus parameters to dynamically tune the mix based on visual importance
  6. Check mixes in Reaper using Spectral Peak mode for frequency issues
  7. Be consistent with your games sound across asset types
  8. Stagger Sensory Input To Maximize Impact and Focus
  9. Use patterns and repetition to drive player decisions
  10. Use human voice and varied stimulus to trigger emotions
  11. Much, much more!


-Aaron Brown


Note: I didn’t work on the examples from Battlefront 2, The Stanley Parable, or Inside. The gifs and clips from rick and morty, Tim and Eric and JonTron are inserted for hilarity. Go buy and support all these games, shows and creators. They deserve it and you won’t regret it.

The beautiful artwork in the header image was created by Damian Kastbauer during the talk and I find it to be a rare glimpse into his mysterious and magical mind.