Line 6 M13 Master Effects List – Xcel Sheet

One AMAZING piece of hardware!

I am LOVING my Line 6 M13 pedal. Seriously!!! It is an amazing piece of hardware that emulates tons of pedals in one slick package. Heck, it even comes with a built in looper!

The newest OS of the M13, version 2.01, has over 100 effects to choose from. Actually, I think it may have TOO many effects. I realized I had only heard about 20 of them and never dove deep enough into it. With over 100 options it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options. The list on the website is informative, but not quite informative enough.

I decided to go through every single effect on the Line 6 M13 and put them in one giant master excel sheet. This way I could rate them, categorize them and make other notes along the way. Hearing all of the effects and reading about them made me love the M13 EVEN MORE!

The M13 is very good with filters and modulation. It particularly excels at Reverbs and Delays.

Overall, the only category that didn’t absolutely thrill me is distortion. They work alright on leads, but none of them compare to the analog pedal equivalents. They aren’t as 3d, have less depth and seem to smear notes together when compared to the analog equivalent. It’s not that they are terrible distortions at all, but they don’t seem to give me the character or depth of analog distortion pedals.  I’d give them an overall 8.5/10 when compared to the analog pedals which ain’t too shabby. Fine for a gig, but not great for recording.

I use a Maxon OD808 for my SRV tones and a Fulltone OCD for the other distortion tones in my palette. If you accentuate your M13 with some analog distortion pedals I think you would have a world class compact rig!

I’m sharing this will all of you in the hopes that you can make your own notes on all of the effects. You may very well disagree with my opinions on the effects. Every guitarist will have their own opinions on the effects based on style and personal taste.

Leave comments with your own thoughts on the M13 or on my excel sheet.

Download – Line 6 M13 Master Effects Excel Sheet