PLAYDOTSOUND – Game Audio Tutorial Website Launched

PLAYDOTSOUND – Game Audio Tutorial Website Launched


PlayDotSound, the new Game Audio Tutorial Blog, has been launched!

Play Dot Sound is designed to be laser focused on teaching Game Audio concepts and sharing insider industry knowledge.

As a Berklee Educator, I wanted to have an outlet to share concepts that go beyond the courses I teach ranging from the basics to unusual creative concepts.

Part of my personal mission has always been to give back to the community which has given so much to me!

So, if you are new to Game Audio, or are an old school game audio veteran wanting to learn some new tricks, head on over to PlayDotSound and let the learning begin 🙂




Play Dot Sound is a website dedicated to help you make the best game audio possible.

This site is full of insider tips on creating video game sound effects, how to make music for video games, and how to integrate it all into your games. There will also be interviews and articles from video game industry leaders to help inspire both audio professionals and newbies.

Play Dot Sound is the creation of game industry veterans Aaron Brown, Brad Fotsch, and Matt Piersall.