Build your own Foley Pit – PlayDotSound Tutorial Created! Hey there audio aficionados, I get 100 hits a day on...

19th Dec

PLAYDOTSOUND – Game Audio Tutorial Website Launched!

PlayDotSound, the new Game Audio Tutorial Blog, has been launched! Play...

12th Dec

Free Impulse Responses from the iPad, iPhone and Behritone speakers!

I have worked on a few iOS games lately and realized how...

23rd Jul
Impulse Responses for iPad, iPhone and Behritone speakers

Nominated for AIAS Sound Design of the Year Award

I was recently nominated for the AIAS oustanding achievement in sound design...

13th Feb

Build Your Own Acoustic Treatment Panels For Under $30

DIY Acoustic Panels – How to build your own room treatment and...

25th Nov

Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 4s – Headphone jack fix

Trying to find a sturdy case to protect your precious new iPhone...

24th Nov
Is this the best iPhone 4s case on the market?

Line 6 M13 Master Effects List – Xcel Sheet

I am LOVING my Line 6 M13 pedal. Seriously!!! It is an...

14th Nov
One AMAZING piece of hardware!


You know that feeling you get when things have gotten way out...

08th Nov

Studio Monitor A/B test

I recently had to opportunity to work with the very talented sound...

31st Oct

Replacing and Biasing Tubes – Used Egnater Rebel 30 tube combo amp

Tube amp combos have many pros and cons.  It is a pain...

06th Jul
Tube Dampeners attempt.  DID NOT FIX this type of tube rattle.