Epic VR – Robo Recall Announcement

ROBO RECALL – EPIC’S FIRST FULL VR TITLE After months of hard...

07th Oct

Teaching Wwise Game Audio Course at Berklee Online

Learn Game Audio Production with Wwise - Berklee Online Feeling overwhelmed at the...

30th Mar
Berklee Online - Game Audio Production with Wwise - Taught by Aaron Brown Sound

Lucky’s Tale Launch Day – Composing and Mixing for the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ of Virtual Reality

After many months of heavy anticipation, the day has FINALLY come! Lucky’s Tale, the...

29th Mar
Composer and Mixer for Lucky's Tale, The Gold Standard Launch Title for Oculus VR

Build your own Foley Pit – PlayDotSound Tutorial Created

http://www.playdotsound.com/portfolio-item/build-your-own-foley-pit/ Hey there audio aficionados, I get 100 hits a day on...

19th Dec

PLAYDOTSOUND – Game Audio Tutorial Website Launched

PlayDotSound, the new Game Audio Tutorial Blog, has been launched! http://www.playdotsound.com/ Play...

12th Dec

Free Impulse Responses from the iPad, iPhone and Behritone speakers

I have worked on a few iOS games lately and realized how...

23rd Jul
Impulse Responses for iPad, iPhone and Behritone speakers

Nominated for AIAS Sound Design of the Year Award

I was recently nominated for the AIAS oustanding achievement in sound design...

13th Feb

Build Your Own Acoustic Treatment Panels For Under $30

DIY Acoustic Panels – How to build your own room treatment and...

25th Nov

Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 4s – Headphone jack fix

Trying to find a sturdy case to protect your precious new iPhone...

24th Nov
Is this the best iPhone 4s case on the market?

Line 6 M13 Master Effects List – Xcel Sheet

I am LOVING my Line 6 M13 pedal. Seriously!!! It is an...

14th Nov
One AMAZING piece of hardware!