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About Me

  • Name: Aaron Brown
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Experience: 12 years doing Game Audio Sound Design, Composition & Implementation

My Story

             Since 2007 I’ve created audio experiences with industry juggernauts including LucasArts, Epic, Playful, Electronic Arts, Activision, Naughty Dog, Starbreeze, Raven and notable mobile gaming developers. During my career I have been fortunate enough to have contributed my skills to a few video games that have won audio awards including Uncharted 3 and The Force Unleashed 2.

             I’ve also crafted experiences in VR with titles such as Lucky’s Tale for Oculus, Robo Recall for Oculus and multiple projects for Starbreeze using their next-gen StarVR headset. In 2018 I shared my VR knowledge by giving my 5D Audio presentation at GDC.

             Along with my career I also feel a strong need to give back and build a better community. To accomplish this I taught a Wwise course at Berklee, currently run the Austin Game Audio Meetup, host gatherings at Mosaic Sound Collective and am on the AES Central Texas Board.

Damian Kastbauer

“Every team needs someone who is an unwavering voice of reason and reliable instigator of change for the better. Not only does Aaron exemplify both of these qualities, he does them one better by simultaneously being as dedicated to the overall pursuits of a project as he is to his own high bar of quality. With a strong fundamental desire to build on his past experiences and continue to push the potentials of interactive sound, you can count on the continuation of his attention to detail and steadfast commitment to settle for nothing but the best for game audio.”

Technical Sound Designer

David Chow

“Aaron Brown is a true game audio professional.  When I first got the chance to work with him I found myself so frequently surprised and impressed by how his game audio knowledge and skill set seemed to extend beyond and into realms I didn’t even know existed. Sound design, implementation,  middleware, mixing, mastering, music, AND dynamic music, editing and hardware.  Aaron’s worked as a member of some of the best groups  in game audio and it shows.”

Audio Director
Playful Corp.

Matt Piersall

“Working with Aaron Brown was a true pleasure. As an owner of a contract audio house I see a lot of audio professionals. Aaron has been one that truly stood out on the Epic Mickey 2 project. Aaron was proactive, quick to deliver, flexible with revisions and overall a fantastic Asset to the team.

Aaron has impeccable taste and class when it comes to the sound assets delivered. I can fully vouch for Aaron as a fantastic and reliable resource.”

Audio Director

Beau Lewis

“As a client, we are both obsessive and demanding  with our musical requirements.  Aaron was on point from day one  and delivered an excellent product within  a very tight timeline. He’s got creative chops,  production value comparable to a much larger  studio, as well as the ability to be organized  and deliver on time.”


David Collins

“I had the pleasure of working with Aaron Brown at both LucasArts and Sony Computer Entertainment America. He worked as a Sound Designer on projects like Uncharted 3, Star Wars the Force Unleashed, and Indiana Jones. Aaron created content, integrated and mixed sounds, debugged tools and created tool documentation, and kept a positive attitude while doing it. His work ethic is very impressive, and he was always willing to go the extra mile during nights and weekends.

Aaron is very detail-oriented, passionate, and methodical. I would recommend him as a team member, contractor or consultant on any interactive project.”

Audio Director

Mark Kilborn

Aaron has worked with us for five years on our Call of Duty projects. His work has met our high standard of quality, and he’s been a pleasure to work with. He brings an enthusiasm and attention to detail to his work that I’ve rarely seen in my career.

-Mark Kilborn

Audio Director
Raven Software

My History

  • 2013-2022


    Sound Designer, Composer, Implementation, Mixing, Audio Lead

    COMPOSITION: Path Of The Warrior, Super Lucky's Tale, Lucky's Tale, Call Of Duty Online. SOUND DESIGN: Call Of Duty Vanguard/BO Cold War/Online, Smite Trailer, Epic Mickey 2, Plundernauts. AUDIO LEAD: Call Of Duty Online TOOLS: Proprietary Tools, Unity, Unreal, Wwise, Radiant, Github, Perforce, Reaper, ProTools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Sound Forge.

  • 2012-2019

    Aaron Brown Sound

    VR, Composition, Sound Design, Audio Direction

    VR: Robo Recall (Sound Design/Implementation) The Mummy Prodigium Strike (Audio Lead), Star VR. MUSIC EDITING: Forza (Radio music edits) COMPOSITION: Goldieblox

  • 2018



    I presented my six months of research on auditory systems and neural studies and how to apply them to control the player experience in VR.

  • 2015-2017

    Berklee Online Teacher

    Game Audio Production with Wwise

    For two years I taught many talented Berklee students the power of Wwise. This course covered the basics of implementation for sound, voice and music. It also went above and beyond teaching students the skills in how to use these skills to push a narrative, dig deeper into their skill sets, and craft a more compelling game experience.

  • 2011


    Sound Designer, Implementation

    SOUND DESIGN: Uncharted 3 (Ambiences, reverbs, audio zones, additional sound design)

  • 2007-2011


    Sound Designer, Implementation, Music Mixing and editing

    SOUND DESIGN/IMPLEMENTATION: Star Wars the Force Unleashed, Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 MUSIC: Star Wars the Force Unleashed (Music Editing/Implementation), The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (Mixing, Instrumentalist) TOOLS: Wwise, Proprietary Tools, ProTools, Soundforge, Soundminer.

  • 2006-2007

    Electronic Arts Los Angeles

    Sound Designer, Implementation

    SOUND DESIGN: Medal Of Honor Airborne TOOLS: Unreal, Proprietary Tools, ProTools, Nuendo, SoundForge.

  • 2001-2005


    Bachelors of Music Technology and Music Business

    Dual Degrees from CU Denver.




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Wwise, Unreal Engine, Unity, Multiple Proprietary Tools, VR Toolkit.


Ableton Live, Cubase, ProTools, Reaper, Sound Forge.


Fabfilter, Komplete 11, Izotope, Sound Toys, Slate, Waves, GlitchMachines, D16, Arturia, Pluging-Alliance, Seventh Heaven, Lexicon, Valhalla, & many more.


MKH8040 X2, MKH50/30, Schoeps MK41, KMR82i, Slate ML1 X2, Slate ML2 X2, NTG3, KSM32, Pearl MS2CL, SM7b, Parabolic MikroUsi, Aquarian H2A Hydrophone, Usi Pro, Elektrosluch Mini City, Beta 52, Barcus Berry, Ucho, Cold Gold.


Make Noise Gold and Black Shared System, Moog Mother 32, MicroBrute, Behringer Model D, Access Virus C, JP-8080, MicroKorg, Gakken SX-150, Circuit bent Casio SK-1 & Speak and Spell.


Adam A7X, Neuman KH120, Behritone, Mackie HR824 MKII, Beyerdynamic DT1770, Beyerdynamic T90, HiFiman HE4xx, Fidelio X2, ATH M50


Sound Devices 702, Zoom F8, Zoom H6, Sony D100, Sony M10


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